Refund Policies and Procedures

Refund Policies and Procedures


Tuition refunds are calculated according to NYSID’s refund schedule based on the date courses are dropped on the NYSID Portal.
Students are being provided with portal login credentials after course registration has been processed by Registration Department.

A drop form may also be completed and signed in the Office of the Registrar; the drop date and refund (if applicable) are based on receipt of the signed form in the Office of the Registrar. Telephone notification is not accepted. Registration fees and tuition deposits are nonrefundable.

 A drop fee applies to drops resulting in a refund. All fees are nontransferable to another semester. Once the drop is approved, a refund will be made by check regardless of the student’s method of payment.

Refunds resulting from dropping a course during the late registration period will not be processed until after the add/drop period is over.

Answers to questions may be obtained by using help desk (

The refund schedule is:

Last Day to drop course(s) for:
100% Tuition Refund... January 8, 2024
75% Tuition Refund... January 22, 2024
50% Tuition Refund... January 29, 2024
25% Tuition Refund... February 5, 2024
***no refunds after February 5, 2024***